Intrucept is developing novel antimicrobial and antiviral proteins. Some candidate pharmacophores derive from technology obtained through a commercial license from the US Public Health Service. Intrucept’s plant-produced antiviral proteins block the entry and/or cell-to-cell transmission of pathogenic viruses. These products have been formulated for delivery in indication-relevant dosage forms, and have shown exquisite potency against a broad spectrum of human pathogenic viruses, including HIV-1, herpex simplex, influenza, human and veterinary coronaviruses and other important viral pathogens.

The high potency, broad spectrum and high therapeutic index of Intrucept’s compounds position the Company for developing multiple products serving unmet needs in a range of markets, including human and veterinary health, biodefense and industrial materials.

Intrucept’s choice of plant-based expression for manufacturing its products at scale has shown significant cost efficiencies relative to more traditional modes of production, enabling the Company to address needs in price-sensitive markets as well as in higher-value biopharmaceutical indications.